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Welcome to VRS Vehicle Rejuvenation Specialist, offering professional car detailing and car valeting services in Brighton and Worthing. We provide studio based or mobile car valeting, I not just car cleaning. I have an obsession for detail and in the world of car detailing, this is a good obsession to have. It means that over the past 14 years I have developed my craft and identified the very best equipment and products to provide the finest car detailing, ceramic paint protection, machine polishing and local car valeting services in Brighton, East Sussex and Worthing, West Sussex, or anywhere my clients need me!

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Fully insured for your peace of mind (and mine). I currently use the RUPES system and pure water technology. I am fully IDA Accredited, Kamikaze Collection & Onyx Coating Certified. I am not affiliated with any manufacturer, I own the business, we genuinely care, always willing to improve and trying to build trust, keep our ego in check, dream big and win together.
Your car is in good hands.

The world of car detailing can seem a bit bewildering at first but it’s really all about getting the best and most enduring results to suit your budget and expectations. Just give me a call on 0800 002 9083, WhatsApp me on 07926 136965 or email me at for a chat and a free quote. You can also check out my work on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to explore our detailing shop.

Kamil Kurek (owner)

VRS Car Valeting

Your car is your passion. We treat each of our customer’s cars as if they were our own. Not only do we offer a range of great car valeting services, but we have great attention to detail, to always ensure each car’s interior and exterior is cleaned thoroughly. Get in Touch

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VRS Car Detailing

Car detailing is highly skilled craftsmanship aimed to deliver exceptional results. Even in hard to reach areas our team of experts possess the right tools and have been trained on ways to access these areas efficiently. Get in Touch

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VRS Paint Rejuvenation

For the vast majority of cars, paint correction or paint restoration, also known as swirl mark removal, machine polishing or buffing, can make an unimaginable difference & will completely remove or significantly reduce most marks on the car. Get in Touch

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VRS Paint Protection

Buying a new car ? The dealership ceramic coating is rarely applied correctly as staff are not trained or aren’t allowed to spend an appropriate amount of time for one vehicle to clean, polished and apply unknown quality product. Don’t get just warranty, get a professional grade ceramic coating that is reserved for certified detailing studios only and will serve for years to come. Get in Touch

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VRS Maintenance

 Our waxes and coatings are sold as a complete system that benefits from ongoing maintenance. It is like saying how long could you drive a car without servicing it. It would wear out quickly but would last a lot longer with simple maintenance that we can provide with the discount, on regular a basis. Alternatively, if you choose to do it yourself, we can provide you all necessary products. Get in Touch

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VRS Mobile Smart Repairs

 We provide a professional alloy wheel repair service with a car paint repair to remedy the effects of scuffs and scratches to body work as well as bumpers, along with a paintless dent removal (PDR) service, insurance claims, upholstery & leather repairs. Get in Touch

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Latest Work


Kamikaze Collection Authorized Detailing Studio


Kamikaze Collection Authorized Detailing Studio. On 31st of March 2022, we have become authorized applicator of Kamikaze Collection professional grade ceramic coatings (Zipang & Enrei).

Developed over a number of years using the Japanese ‘Kaizen’ concept of continuous improvement through small changes, ENREI Coat is a next-generation two-step coating.....

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Fully equipped van
VRS IDA skills validation
IDA VRAcertificate
IDA VRS Certificate

Our fully equipped van means we can come to you. We carry our own power and water should your supply not be near by. However when the UK weather is bad it's best that we work under cover, not for us but for your car! click here.

Lease Fleet Return

Lease Fleet Return

Each year leasing companies charge British Businesses millions of pounds in penalties for vehicles that are returned in a sub-standard condition and fail to meet the minimum BVLRA fair wear and tear requirements. Therefore I offer a cheaper alternative: either a maintenance service where we recondition the vehicle(s) on a regular basis or use us to inspect and repair your vehicle before you return it: you could save yourself a lot of money!

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Mobile Smart Repairs

Body Repairs
Alloy Wheel repairs
Bumper scuff repairs
Dent repairs

We offer a mobile repair service for Alloy Wheels, Bodywork, Dents, Bumpers and Trim. Operating from specially equipped vans, our team of mobile repair technicians carry out high quality, cost effective repairs at your home or workplace, at a time that suits you. click here.