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Professional Car Valeting & Detailing

Either at our Studio Workshop in Brighton or use our Mobile Valeting Service where we come to you right across Sussex

Finest Car Detailing & Car Valeting Service for Brighton & Worthing. Studio based or Mobile

For car detailing, car valeting and car cleaning, VRS offers one of the best professional services in the Brighton and Worthing area - and further afield on request. Come to our fully-equipped workshop in Brighton for the finest car detailing, ceramic paint protection and machine polishing. Or we can bring our mobile service to you, offering the total car valeting and car detailing packages on your doorstep.

Whatever your vehicle, whether luxury top of the range, a cherished classic sports, working van, motorhome or family run around, we will treat it with loving care and make it like new (within reason!) both inside and out. Our attention to detail is second to none.
We strive for perfection. How meticulous are we? For a start, our basic wash involves 11 stages (including snow foam treatment) using pure de-mineralised water with no detergents or chemicals.

Gift vouchers make the ideal present for a Petrol Head, why not buy them a Gift voucher for one of our car valeting, detailing or cleaning services. This is not only a practical gift that you know will get used but, also, a really welcome present for anyone who loves their wheels.

This is the ultimate spa for your car. We have a regular valet service to maintain your vehicle in top condition, so you never have to worry about getting the hose out. Plus, we offer one-off valeting if your vehicle needs that extra professional polish and interior clean for your driving enjoyment or, for selling, to make all the difference to the price.

Why chose VRS Vehicle Rejuvenation Specialist...

  • Fully equipped on-the-spot workshop in Brighton
  • Mobile service to bring professional car valeting to your door
  • Comprehensive range of car care services
  • Fully Insured
  • Payment accepted from all major Debit and Credit Cards
  • Nothing but the best equipment and products, no affiliation with any manufacturer
  • All products tested on our own cars first
  • Personal and friendly service
  • No job too big or too small

Because your car's worth it!


New Car? Your car typically devalues by 50 percent over the first three years. Our valeting and detailing can help slow down this depreciation and keep it as pristine as it looked in the car showroom.

Check out our a range of services including car valeting and car detailing, both offering superior car care for the exterior and interior including waxing and protection. We can, also, undertake restoration and repair jobs from minor scuffs to alloy wheel refurbishment.

Kamil Kurek, Head of VRS, has a passion for cars, vast experience in valeting and a bucket full of qualifications. You can absolutely trust him to care for your car. Jason Button did.

"The world of car detailing (car valeting) can seem a bit bewildering at first but it’s really all about getting the best and most enduring results to suit your budget and expectations. Just give me a call on 0800 002 9083, WhatsApp me on 07926 136965 or email me at info@vrsspecialists.com for a chat and a free quote. You can also check out my work on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to explore our detailing shop". Kamil Kurek (owner)

Mobile Valeting Service

VRS Mobile Car Valeting

Our fully equipped van means we travel to you. On-board we carry have power and water should it be necessary. We can carry out both Mini & Full Valets (Rejuvenation Valet), that is where we deep clean the vehicle (including engine bay), hand polish.


Studio Detailing

VRS Car Detailing

Studio detailing is where our highly skilled craftsmen deliver exceptional results. Even in hard-to-reach areas our team of experts possess the right tools and have been trained on ways to access these areas efficiently.


Paint Rejuvenation

VRS Paint Rejuvenation

For the vast majority of cars, paint correction or paint restoration, also known as swirl mark removal, machine polishing or buffing, can make an unimaginable difference & will completely remove or significantly reduce most marks on the car.


Paint Protection Service

VRS Paint Protection

Bought a new car? The dealership ceramic coating is rarely applied correctly as staff are not trained or allowed to spend the neccessary time to clean, polish and then apply the coating, with no warranty. With VRS we apply in our Studio a professional grade ceramic coating that will last for years to come.


Safe Maintenance Scheme

VRS Car Maintenance Programme

Our waxes and coatings are sold as a complete system that benefits from ongoing maintenance. It is like saying how long could you drive a car without servicing it. It would wear out quickly but would last a lot longer with simple maintenance that we can provide with the discount, on regular a basis.


Dry Ice Cleaning

VRS Mobile Car Valeting

Dry Ice Cleaning removes contamination that has built up on your car without using water or chemicals. Dry ice blasting technology uses recycled, frozen CO2 as a powerful way to clean that is environmentally friendly. So give your vehicle's underbody or engine bay the care it deserves.


Latest VRS Car Valeting News

Soak up some of our finest work! Updated 27th June 2023

As pioneers in the automotive detailing industry, we are committed to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and techniques. Recently, our team embarked on a transformative two-day course, delving deep into the world of Paint Protection Film (PPF). We're excited to share our experience and newfound expertise with you!

For more pictures and detail please click here.

Mastering the Art of Paint Protection Film (PPF): A 2-Day Training Experience

This beautiful Racing Green 1962 MK2 Jaguar spent a few days with us at our Brighton Studio Workshop.

  • Its beautiful racing green was re sprayed by reputable body shop leaving a thick layer of clear coat to work on.
  • The 60 year old leather and interior was a quite a challenge yet satisfying by the end.
  • For more pictures and detail please click here.

VRS Car Valeting Project 1962 MK2 Jaguar

A Ford Focus RS was booked into our detailing studio for a number of detailing treatments that took 2 days to complete:

  • 3 stage decontamination wash (iron, tar & clay)
  • Engine bay was steamed & conditioned
  • Badges were removed with areas behind being treated accordingly
  • Headlights were sanded, polished and ceramic coated
  • Tired paintwork was measured by paint thickens gauge and rejuvenated using number of @rupes_spa polishers with dedicated pads & compounds
  • All the efforts were protected with our classic ceramic coating from @carpro_official
  • Interior received rejuvenating treatments like compressed air dust off, hot steam treatment, wet extraction vacuuming and conditioning #vrsspecialists
VRS Car Valeting Project Ford Focus