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It is always a daunting feeling when you start a full exterior/interior detail. 

On one hand you have the vision of the plush microfiber sliding off the glossy paintwork on the final wipe off and in the other, you have the keys ready to take the car into the lit wash bay to address what work is needed. 

This beautiful M4 in marine blue is having the full works.

This means more beauty treatment than most couples get on a Spa day.

First, we start by using a accordingly diluted wheel degreaser, spraying generously all over the rims and tyres and then spraying around the lower third of the whole car with a light APC out. 

This service on The M4 also includes a detailed engine clean, and blow-dry to prevent any steam or water from entering difficult to get to areas. 

After an initial, intricate jet off of the car   comes the fun part, 

Put on the snow foam sprayer and feel like a kid again painting a masterpiece and

then watch the snow foam drip down dragging anymore dirt in it's path. 

With this detail the wheels are being removed, cleaned and coated inside as well, but still it is good to get inside the rims and give them a good old clean. 

After having got our hands dirty, we jet off the foam and spray on the not so good smelling but very important iron remover. 

After sitting for a few minutes and watching it bleed, giving this car a good shampoo contact wash is very needed. Using a good quality microfiber mitt helps not to add any more swirls or scratches than is already on this BMW. 

One more rinse later and the wash stage is nearly complete. We remove any tar or sap and then a full-body clay to remove any stubborn, embedded contaminants. 

(This makes the correction process much smoother and helps you achieve much better results).

With the final jet off, we then dry the crevices with the Big Boi and hand dry the Deep Blue Beauty and prepare to move inside for phase two. 


To be continued...

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