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What's the difference between Ceramic & Hydrophobic Coating?

In short, Ceramic Coating is a hard and thick protective shell that can protect against swirls and Hydrophobic Coating is meant to repel water and dirt aggressively.

Both coating are rising gloss levels.

Ceramic Coating:

a.) Usually 9H hardness (400 absolute hardness) or grater

b.) 1 micron thickness

c.) Hard & Durable Protective Layer against:

- Wash swirls
- UV rays
- Chemicals ranging from pH2 - pH12
- Tree sap, tar and water spots are easier to remove
- Temperature fom -40C to 250C

d.) Gloss & Slickness

e.) Water contact angle 95 degrees

f.) Durability 3 - 9 years

Hydrophobic Coating:

a.) Usually 7H hardness (100 absolute hardness) or grater

b.) 0.5 micron thickness

c.) Highly Hydrophobic Protective Layer against:

- Light wash swirls
- UV rays
- Chemicals ranging from pH3 - pH13
- Temperature to 150C

d.) High Glossy finish

e.) Water contact angle - 110 degrees

f.) Durability 18 months to 2 years

Both coatings are stand alone products or can be used together in order to meet customers needs and expectations.


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