Car Paint Restoration & Rejuvenation in Brighton & Worthing

Introduction to Our Expert Paint Correction: In the world of automotive care, paint correction stands as the pinnacle of detailing services. It's not just about masking imperfections—it's about meticulously restoring the paint to its pristine state. Experience the transformative power of professional paint correction and let your vehicle command the attention it truly deserves.
Closer Look: What is Paint Correction? Paint correction is the meticulous process of refining the vehicle's topcoat to eliminate surface blemishes and imperfections. These might include swirl marks, oxidation, micro-scratches, and other surface discrepancies that detract from a car's appearance. 
Why Opt for Paint Correction?

VRS Paint Rejuvenation 1. Unparalleled Brilliance: Restore the deep, mirror-like shine that your vehicle originally showcased.

2. Preserve Value: Maintained paintwork can significantly enhance a vehicle's resale value.

3. Long-lasting Protection: Beyond the aesthetic appeal, paint correction fortifies the paint, offering a resilient shield against external elements.

Our Commitment to Precision: 

1. Expert Analysis: We initiate our process with a comprehensive examination (paint depth meter & inspection light), discerning the exact needs of your vehicle's paintwork.

2. Advanced Techniques: Harnessing state of the art tools (RUPES) and industry leading plus silicon free compounds, we treat each imperfection with surgical precision.

3. Final Protection: To ensure durability and added gloss, we seal the refined paintwork with premium quality protectants (high quality waxes or ceramic coatings).

Client Testimonials: "The depth and clarity achieved by their paint correction service is unparalleled. My vehicle looks even better than when I first purchased it." - Jonathan D, Brighton.

"A true transformation. The attention to detail and expertise is evident in the impeccable finish." - Sarah L, Worthing.

Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How is paint correction different from a regular car polish? A: While polishing often involves adding a glossy layer, paint correction is about refining the existing surface to remove imperfections and achieve an intrinsic shine.

Q: How long can I expect the results to last? A: With regular maintenance and care, the effects of our paint correction can last for years, depending on environmental conditions and usage.

Q: How long does paint correction take? A: Depending on your vehicle's size and the extent of correction needed, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.

Q: How often should I get paint correction done? A: For most cars, a thorough paint correction every 1-2 years is enough to maintain a fresh look.

Experience the Distinction of Professional Paint Correction: Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic appeal and safeguard its value. Reach out to our team of specialists today and let us chart a journey towards impeccable paintwork - Get in Touch  

VRS Paint Enhancement Detail (1 stage RUPES LHR15 mk2, 75E DA Polisher)Kamikaze Collection

Paint Gloss Enhancement & Swirls Removal is designed for vehicles with paintwork that contains light paint defects such as fine scratches, light oxidation, brush-inflicted swirl marks and holograms. This treatment also provides your vehicle’s paintwork with great depth, gloss and synthetic wax protection plus car is receiving full 3 stage decontamination wash (iron, tar and clay).

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VRS Paint Rejuvenation Detail (2 stage RUPES LHR15 mk2, 75E DA Polisher)Kamikaze Collection
Kamikaze Collection

VRS Paint Rejuvenation Detail or two step is designed to remove surface imperfections such as moderate paint defects, including random deeper scratches, large swirls, heavy oxidation and stains caused by acid etching. This treatment also provides your vehicle’s paintwork with exceptional depth, gloss, clarity and carnauba wax protection.

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VRS Paint Correction Detail (3 Stage RUPES Mille, LHR15, 75E DA & Ibird Nano)Kamikaze CollectionKamikaze CollectionKamikaze Collection

VRS Paint Correction Detail is designed to remove the majority of paint defects. Hard abrasive pad and compound combination is permanently removing paint imperfections. As a result, light is reflecting over the paint much more evenly, making it look as deep and reflective as physically possible. Refining stages are creating a flawless wet and deep gloss finish. 95-100% defect removal is creating perfect paintwork on the vehicle with ceramic wax protection.

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Headlamp Restoration Headlight Restoration

If your vehicle’s headlight lenses are dull or faded, perhaps they are starting to yellow, then VRS can restore their condition to as-new without the need for replacement with new lenses. Wet sanded with 3 grits of sanding paper, machine polished & coated with sealant.

£50 per headlamp or £80 for a pair

Wet Sanding - Orange Peel Removal Orange Peel Removal

Wet sanding will produce better finish than freshly painted vehicle. After initial inspection and agreeing to start the project, vehicle is receiving full decontamination wash, then the whole bodywork is measured by paint thickness gauge. Sanding process includes levelling the clear coat (lacquer) using a variety of sanding papers and discs. Afterwords, bodywork is receiving multi stage paint correction and application of high volume carnauba wax producing the best available finish on automotive paintwork.

To permanently lock achieved results, we recommend Ceramic Coating Protection (higher gloss, ease of maintenance plus hydrophobic effect) or PPF for ultimate bodywork armour.

Larger vehicles + 10% - 30%

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