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Detailing Certificate of TrainingPaint Protection Film was initially developed for military applications. Also called Clear Bra or Clear Film, often self healing film applied to painted surfaces of a car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. PPF is designed specifically for physical protection against light road debris and scratching on paintwork. It is different from sealants which are usually in liquid form and are designed for UV and chemical resistance. Sealants harden up the clear-coat on your paintwork, but are not designed to protect your vehicle from physical damage where PPF is.

PPF Certificate


As pioneers in the automotive detailing industry, we are commited to staying at the  foreftont of cutting-edge technologies. Recently, our team embarked on a  transformative two-day course, delving deep into the world of Paint Protection Film  (PPF). We are excited to share our experience and newfound expertise with you! For more pictures and details please click here.



Front End InstallationUPPF

Front bumper, whole bonnet, wings & mirrors

10 Years to Lifetime Warranty

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Decontamination Power Wash (iron, tar & clay bar)  - Included

Front End Plus InstallationUPPF

Front bumper, whole bonnet, wings, mirrors, A pillars, side skirts & rear impact zones

10 Years to Lifetime Warranty

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Decontamination Power Wash (iron, tar & clay bar) - Included

Complete InstallationUPPF

Each external panel that is painted

10 Years to Lifetime Warranty

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Decontamination Power Wash (iron, tar & clay bar) - Included




Clear PPF with Infused Ceramic Coating technology PLATICOAT™ for stain-resistance is unique Paint Protection Film. Besides, Clear PPF is a transparent adhesive film for protecting automotive paint and other vulnerable surfaces from chips, scratches, discoloration and punishing outdoor weathering.

P20 NANO - Thickness: 8mil, Warranty: 10 years

clear film


Water Stain-Resistant UPPF with extremely hydrophobic property can resist stains.
Anti-Yellowing UPPF can resist the effects of turning yellow.
Self-Healing UPPF with self repairing performance protects your original car paint.
Anti-Contamination UPPF has the best anti-fouling performances to protect your car from stubborn stains. Make the car as bright and shining as brand-new.



Beyond your imagination. We’ve always embraced innovation and forward movement and Matte PPF has matte effect like satin texture to match more top luxury car models. It's made of UPPF's exclusive PLATICOAT™ coating, so it has leading anti-fouling and self-healing function to keep the effect lasting.

MATTE 8 - Thickness: 7.5 mil, Warranty: 10 years

icon-clear Hydrophobic icon-clear Strong Stain Resistance icon-clear Super Satin Texture
Matte PPf



Upgrade your style! When you are on the road, our UPPF paint protection film can transform your ride with a single layer of beautiful, functional color without any harsh chemicals or fumes. Besides, color protection films are designed to protect both your car and the environment we all share. Available in 11+ different popular colors.

Sunrise OrangeThickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years • Sunflower Yellow - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years • Sky Blue - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty:10 years • Satin Black - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years • Passion Red - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years • Peppa Pink - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years • Nando Grey - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years • Mirror White - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years • Mirror Black - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years • Forest Green - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years • Battleship Grey - Thickness: 8 mil, Warranty: 10 years

icon-clear Hydrophobic icon-clear Ultra Color Finish icon-clear No Orange Peel
Colour PPF



Magic PPF has three products with Magic Blue, Magic Pink and Magic Gold. It will show amazing color changing effect on different color surface, and from different angle of light, it shows flowing magic effect. It's made of UPPF's exclusive PLATICOAT™ coating.

Clear Series: Clear Blue & Purple - Clear Gold & Green - Clear Pink & Gold • Gloss Colored Series: Gloss Blue & Purple - Gloss Gold & Green - Gloss Pink & Gold • Satin Colored Seriies: Satin Blue & Purple - Satin Gold & Green - Satin Pink & Gold

icon-clear Hydrophobic icon-clear No Orange Peel icon-clear Super Discoloration Effect
Magic PPF



UPPF Texture PPF is our newest series of products where we incorporate various textures into our paint protection films. Since it is a true TPU-based material, Texture PPF has all the stain, puncture, and scratch-resistant characteristics of tradition PPF.

Satin Carbon: Satin Carbon Clear or Satin Carbon Black • Forged Carbon: Forged Carbon Clear or Forged Carbon Black • Mosaic Clear: Mosaic Clear or Mosaic Black • Real Carbon: Real Carbon Clear or Real Carbon Black • Damask Steel: Damask Steel Clear or Damask Steel Black

icon-texture Hydrophobic icon-texture Strong Satin Resistance icon-texture Super Satin Texture
Texture PPF



SPF can both insulate heat from outside and dramatically accelerate the rate of heat dissipation, keep your vehicle relatively cooler so that you will embrace a brand-new driving experience. Moreover, SPF blocks 99% of these harmful UV, providing long-term protection that preserves and prevents fading and discoloration of your car’s interior and also from skin damage. Besides, the safety of SPF is improved due to the excellent thickness and SPF can withstand the harshest conditions and damage with ease.

SPF70: Visible Light Transmitted - 70%, Infrared Ray Rejected - 93%, Solar Energy Rejected - 64%

icon-spf Easy Installation icon-spf Block Infrared and UV icon-spf Safe
Sunroof PPF



Tinted Headlight PPF offers a custom look to headlights & tail lights while preventing chips, cracking & aging. The three shades include H25, H35, and H50. Headlight PPF is manufactured from the same premium TPU and includes UPPF's proprietary PLATICOAT™ Hydro coating.

Dark H25 • Light H35Light H50

icon-clear Hydrophobic icon-clear Optical Clarity icon-clear Super Smokey Effect
Headlight PPF



UPPF invisible windshield protective film is a world-class, top-performing windshield safeguard to protect the glass from exterior damage of rock chips, sandstorm, pitting, whenever driving at high speed or parking. It can keep the glass in its original perfect condition, and effectively reduce the cost of glass replacement due to damage. Can also be applied to side windows and rear windows for extra protection against hail and grabs.

S90: Abrasion Resistance - 0.3 to 0.5 Delta Haze, Great Impact Resistant with a professional safety standard by 4 mil thickness, Scratch Resistant up to 7H hardness

icon-w Scratch Resistant icon-w Block infrared icon-w Block UV rays
Windshield Film



DCP (Design Cut Program) is a professional software specially developed by UPPF for cutting Paint Protection Film. A new generation of professional cutting system, DCP has subverted traditional automotive film cutting field by providing powerful graphics processing functions, customized body version according to the needs of consumers, and can also meet the needs of high-end customization.

Design Film 


Completeness DCP has over 12,000 patterns, including full car, interiors, motorcycles, electronics and others.
Accuracy UPPF exclusive DCP can reduce installation time and film waste.
Timeliness UPPF has software and design team to develop new graphics data for new car.
Editability With the powerful graphics processing function, it can be edited wrap edges, coverage and also design elements of the pattern.




UPPF has ultra paint protection film products to protect vehicle original painting. Over the past 27 years, we have heavily invested in R&D and manufacturing capabilities so that we can fully develop and control all of our product lines in-house. Besides, We're constantly on the search for innovative ideas to better serve our customers.



UPPF's films have superior damage and puncture-resistant properties which effectively shield the paintwork against surface-level chips, nicks and scratches. Additionally, the ultra-hydrophobic and super self-healing topcoat help maintain the film's like-new appearance.



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