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Rims clean for longer

Rims are part of the equipment of the car usually bought for years. It is therefore worth to take care of their proper protection in order to serve you well and in spite of time they looked like new.

In practice, however, it turns out that proper care of the rims is very laborious and often not enough for us until then and patience. Therefore, immediately after purchase, it is important to protect the wheel with a special protective coating.

Thanks to the Gtechnic C5 Wheel Armour, you can avoid fading and dulling problems. The nano coating also protects against permanent dirt and adherence to dust from brake pads, which is usually most difficult to handle. Being a part of the wheel, the wheels have the greatest contact with the ground, and therefore are particularly vulnerable to road dirt such as traffic film, sand, road salt, tar.

Especially in the winter it is important to take good care of the rims. Accumulated snow mud or surfactant contaminants can cause pitting on the surface. Properly secured rim is much less susceptible to this type of damage and does not require as much effort as so far. In the long run this saves money on costly renovation of the rims, as once applied Gtechniq C5 coating lasts up to 2 years.

Well protected rims are also less prone to scratches, resulting in everyday use. The C5 Wheel Armor permanently connects to the surface that it coats (binding on the molecular level to its molecules), making it the right outer layer. This makes the rim harder and less susceptible to damage.

Maintaining the rim covered with a protective coating is much simpler, because the dirt does not stick to them so tight. It is usually enough to rinse off their pressure washer, of course, after they have cooled down. When investing in new rims, it is therefore worth thinking about securing them for their own comfort and beautiful appearance at any time of the year.

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