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What is the hydrophobic effect?

Hydrophobic properties rely on non-wetting properties. In practice, this means that the surface to which these properties will be made will be much easier to keep clean and more resistant to external factors.

Hydrophobic compounds contained in coatings effectively repel water and do not allow it to remain on the surface. EXOv3 hydrophobic coating reduces the effects of acid rain, prevents corrosion and binds the car body's self-cleaning properties. Water and fluid dirt are simply blown from the body through the air rush. EXO is bonded to the surface permanently, so it stays on the lacquer for more than 18 months.

See how it works:

Hydrophobicity is not only very effective, but also extremely practical. Hydrophobization makes the insects and juices of the trees do not stick, and in the winter does not come to icing on the surface. EXO provides unparalleled gloss and slickness, so that the car looks beautiful.

Nanotechnologists with Gtechniq are constantly striving to make their learning experience more applicable to everyday life and make it easier and more enjoyable. That is why all products are subjected to stringent testing before they reach the users hands to see how effective and durable they are. Gtechniq hydrophobic coatings offer maximum application time and ease of application.

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